Hanover Township is a municipality which increasingly supports the retention of existing businesses and attracts responsible development and growth that ensures the quality of life in the community.


The Economic Development Advisory Committee (EDAC) will assist the governing body in proactively promoting and facilitating responsible commercial growth that expands and strengthens Hanover’s economy through a partnership of government, business and the community.

The EDAC will:
•  Work in an advisory capacity.
•  Be guided by the Hanover Township Master Plan but will advise the township regarding zoning and market trends effecting the viability of the Master Plan.
•  Market and communicate the economic and commercial benefits of Hanover Township
•  Establish linkages and processes for ongoing communications with township officials and boards, local businesses, and the community regarding development trends, prospects, and activities.
•  Be a Liaison and Key Contact for development and redevelopment prospects and concepts.
•  Promote timely and efficient collaboration of township officials and agencies in the evaluation of opportunities.


The Economic Development Advisory Committee will focus on the growth and retention of existing businesses and the development or redevelopment of key commercially zoned properties within Hanover Township.
The EDAC will:

• Collaborate with brokers, developers, property owners and businesses to identify growth and development opportunities and  ensure business retention
•  Identify business development targets and develop marketing materials that promote the benefits of Hanover Township
•  Maintain a website that effectively promotes the economic development of the Township
•  Explore the potential of properties with adjacencies to create redevelopment corridors or rehabilitation zones.
•  Interact proactively with state and county agencies to enable economic development and assist Township officials with securing resources and funding programs.
• Make recommendations and assist with the simplification or development of regulations and ordinances that enable efficient permitting and review processes, eliminate approval impediments, and provide development cost efficiencies